A dreamlike sensory experience for Nuit Blanche.
Project Information

Inspired by the movement and translucency of fabric, water, and the sea, Somnium was developed with an understanding that designing a holistic space, rather than individual objects, was crucial to creating an immersive and evocative experience.

Designer, Developer, Audio Engineer – Team of 5

Rhinoceros 3D, Arduino IDE, Ableton Live, MidiKey2Key

Project Year & Timeframe
2016 – 3 months

Project experience

To an observer, the floor-to-ceiling spires initially appear still and dimly lit, as if asleep. But upon approach, the fabric cover is drawn upwards, and a soft inner light kindles into brightness. Together the spires awaken as if from a dream.

Here the expressiveness of fabric is explored through the use of pleats, folds, and layers, while mechanical movement parallels the lighting effects therein. The result is a mesmerizing installation that is just as effective with a few users as it is with many, and the experience is never quite the same each time.

Project Documentation

Project Testing

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