A custom 67-key mechanical keyboard, designed for a premium typing experience.

A custom 67-key mechanical keyboard, designed for a premium typing experience.

Refined through numerous design iterations and continuous feedback from the keyboard community, the Athene keyboard aims to offer a typing experience that excels in looks, sound, and feel. With its timeless & minimalistic apperearance, the keyboard features a solid CNC aluminum frame, decoupled gasket mounting system, premium brass weight, RGB backlighting, hotswap switch compatibility, all powered by USB-C on open source QMK software.


Research and development is being conducted through material sample testing and experimentation. Usability analyses are done through consultation with several different user groups in dedicated channels, as well as through real life feedback. The design is then referenced and reviewed alongside product and component datasheets and specifications, before being submitted for review with the manufacturer prior to each prototyping run.


Product Features

  • Gasketed plate mount system that runs along all sides of the keyboard, providing a fully decoupled system for ideal sound isolation.
  • CNC-machined 6061 alloy anodized aluminum body with slim rounded bezels provides a sleek aesthethic and refined feel.
  • 6-degree typing angle provides a slight natural incline suitable for users.
  • Lasercut 1.5mm thick aluminum or brass mounting plate offers choice of different typing feel and looks.
  • Solid brass bottom case weight for additional dampening and premium construction.
  • Foam sublayer between the PCB and bottom case further cancels out excessive vibrations and echoing.
  • Custom-designed QMK-compatible PCB board.
  • Case design is also compatible with existing TADA68/TOFU65 PCB's, offering an upgrade path for existing keyboards.


Dimensions: 316mm x 106mm (WxL), 20-31mm (Front to Rear bezel height)
Plate Material Options: Aluminum, Brass
Layouts Supported:
Hotswap: ANSI
Soldered: ANSI, ISO, Split backspace, Split L/R Shift, Split Space

Softwares Used: Autodesk Fusion 360, KiCad, Keyshot, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Aftereffects, Git + GitHub

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© 2020 Kevin Liu

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