Hunger Can Gogh

A re-creation of Vincent Van Gogh’s Self Portrait, made up of 3326 cans.

Constructed for the Canstruction charity event hosted yearly by the Daily Bread Food Bank.

The design and look of the structure was inspired by Van Gogh's "Self Portrait", and was achieved through a 3D model of the head. The model was then scaled contoured based on the height of one selected tin can. These lines proved to be unusable, but were cleaned and manually redrawn by hand to be capable of supporting the cans.

The head structure was then arrayed with the required can colours & sizes, from which the shell of the model can be designed further with structural threaded rods and CNC fabricated hardboard support layers.

The ingredients list for making one Hunger Can Gogh structure includes the following, thanks to generous sponsors.

840 cans of PC Blue Menu Chickpeas, 540ml
840 cans of PC Blue Menu Black Beans, 540ml
50 cans of Bar Harbor Salmon Chowder, 398ml
360 cans of Amy’s Organic Soups Butternut Squash, 398ml
204 cans of Amy’s Organic Chilli Medium with Vegetables, 398ml
600 cans of Heinz Beans Original in Tomato Sauce, 398ml
312 cans of Cedar Phoenicia Romano Beans, 540ml
120 cans of Cedar Phoenicia White Kidney Beans, 540ml

Lastly, the design was documented as a layer-by-layer build guide for assisting in the on-site construction of the giant Van Gogh head.

A big thanks to the team, and all the volunteers!

Amanda Ross
Nicola Bauer
Abigail David
Kevin Khou
Melissa Malo


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© 2020 Kevin Liu

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