Node-based parametric surface, fabricated out of aluminum.

Thornshell is a CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) project uses an input surface to generate nodes for fabrication.


First, a point field is drawn upon the surface - areas of higher curvature retains a higher point density. These points are then connected together to form irregular closed hexagons, which are then divided and extruded to form 4-branched ‘tree’ structures that are then rejoined together to create a new object separate from the starting input. 

The resultant form gains self-authorship through its own logic of aggregation, parametric relationships, inherent geometric constraints, and material conditions.

.025” Aluminum
Plywood base + legs
Aluminum rivets

Programs & Machining:
Rhino 4, MasterCAM X, Flopath, C.R. Onstrud CNC Router, Waterjet


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© 2020 Kevin Liu

© 2020 Kevin Liu

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